Types of Metals Used In Metal Fabrication


Just like other products and services offer a wide of choices for their customers and consumers, metal fabrication can also be done for many types of metals. The process entails taking metallic structures through a series of procedures such as bending, cutting, shaping and assembling to come up with the desired product. The process helps manufacturers to create a variety of machines, tools and equipment all made and designed from metals as their raw materials. Fabrication companies and business entities build products by their clients’ specifications and expectations and by incorporating the latest knowledge and skills to bring about the best outcome. There are various types of metals used in metal fabrication by the metal fabricators all suitable for different functions due to their varied and diverse attractive features. Read more about metal fabrication at this website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_fabrication.


First on the list comes the carbon steel which is not only popular in the business market and most household products and equipment but also cheap and affordable too. The metal last for a reasonable time and is also versatile in its use and functionality as well. Carbon steel comes with other attractive features such as reasonable thickness and heaviness and well as less costly compared to the other metals which make it most common in the business market and the fabrication sector especially for those tools that require a big amount of metal. Other machinery that is exposed to extremely tough treatment can always be made from this metal since it is strong and durable. The low carbon steel can always be applied in the phase of the Ballustrade fabrication process where liability is required. The equipment made from carbon steel have to be galvanized to protect them from corrosion.


Stainless steel, another popular most element used in metal fabrication comes with a great benefit of zero rusting hence saves the SRS fabricator the galvanization costs. The metal is composed of high chromium content of approximately 10.5%.Due to its slightly costly nature compared to the carbon steel, it is commonly used for the equipment where non-corrosive elements are needed. Despite the prices, the metal is still popular and as effective as the carbon steel.


Aluminum is also another household name for carbon steel and stainless steel. Apart from being rust free, it is also light in weight, requires less maintenance and care as well as high flexibility levels. Despite its resilience, the element is more expensive than all the listed above and commonly used in the automobile and aerospace companies whose primary goal is to maintain the low weight of the products.


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